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Help Florida and Michigan Defend their Right to Have Their Votes Counted!

The following is a letter that I submitted through Hillary Clinton's web site on May, 16, 2008, to the Democratic National Committee. Please join me in this very important issue by going to her web site and submitting your own letter of support for counting all of the votes and delegates in Florida and Michigan as voted. Hillary Clinton

Fellow Americans, rules or no rules, - rules made by a few - our Constitution gives us our right to vote and every vote should be counted. Stand up Americans for America and demand that all of the people's votes must be counted.

Do not allow a few people to take away this very important right. America is the "Land of the Free". Do not let it become the "Land of Dictatorship." Make your voices heard before it is too late.


To the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee:

I believe and I urge you to simply seat the Florida and Michigan delegates per the votes cast in their primary elections. The "People" did not make those rules - you did. And just who do you think these "People" are going to vote for in the General Election if you do not count their votes - as cast - EVERY vote as cast?

If I were a voter in one of those states I would not vote for a Democrat again until you count my vote. In fact, I may boycott and not vote for a Democrat again until you get your priorities straight.

Every legal citizen in America has a Constitutional right to vote and have their vote counted. In Texas, there is already a lawsuit regarding our own votes here being diluted with these stupid caucus rules. I, and many others of our proud Texas State, are quite unhappy that rules made by a few are eroding our rights.

And another thing, if Senator Obama gets the nomination, he will NOT be getting my vote. I do not believe he has what it takes to be President. I love Hillary and I respect that she vows to work to elect him if he gets the nomination. However, I can not agree to be so gracious on that point. Those of us working and contributing to help her win have the ultimate goal of "Hillary Clinton for President," not a priority of "just so it's a Democrat".

And I do not understand the rush of the super-delegates to support him. I agree with the two women on TV last night that unless Hillary wins the nomination, we are "out of here". Women make up a huge portion of the voters. We are tired of being treated as third class citizens. I believe votes have been manipulated away from Hillary, and in part, because she is a woman. She is also the BEST qualified to hold the Office of President of the United States. It will be a sad day for America if she is not elected.

I am not a young voter influenced by celebrity like status, or perhaps the "politically correct" thing to do. I am a senior citizen, and I have earned and learned a few things in life. Our Country is in a horrible mess in just about every way that counts. Thank God, we do still have our Freedom, but even that is being eroded, and you are not helping, rather you are aiding in the problem.

Yes, I have a long list of "gripes" about what is wrong in our Country and in our World. And frankly, I sincerely believe that Hillary is the ONLY one running for the Oval Office that has a CLUE about how to fix it. So you all do as your conscious allows. Just remember, your decisions will affect ALL of our lives. And we will remember in the voting booth. Can you live with that? I pray that you keep OUR COUNTRY's best interests in mind as you make your decisions. It really should not be difficult. The people voted. The people's votes should count across the board vote for vote.

God Bless and Guide You.
God Bless America!

Loyal Supporters of Hillary Clinton for President,
Doris Newnam

And joined in this message by my husband:
John Newnam


American Flag.  Symbol of our Freedom

Thank you for your support.
God Bless You, and God Bless America!

Do not take our Freedoms lightly.
Ask any Veteran, our Freedoms are not FREE.
Throughout our history, the "Price for Freedom" has,
and still has, a very high Price Tag.
Just say, "NO" to those who wish to abuse it.

PS. Update 5/22/08: I have never been so passionate or so upset with the election process. If I had the means, I would have been first in line to file a suit about this caucus mess in Texas. So I applaud those taking a stand against it. Our full vote should count.

I stand with Michigan and Florida in a protest to have their votes -- all of their votes -- counted.

All of this noise about splitting the party should have waited until the primaries are over. Those of us working hard to elect Hillary do not appreciate the implication that it doesn't matter who gets the nomination. It does matter. As Hillary has stated, we have the past 7 years of proof on that issue.

Another thing that is really bugging me. Just who are the "Godfathers" who decided some time ago that Senator Obama was the "anointed one"?
Think about it.

The voting had barely finished in Iowa when the clamor began for Hillary to drop out. And we have had to listen to that garbage following every election since. So just who is behind all of that? My husband swears it is the "Chicago Money Machine". Well, he is 88 years old and having spent 49 years working for a major newspaper, -- minus his 4 years in Uncle Sam's Navy, and is a Pearl Harbor Survivor, -- he does know a thing or two about such goings on. We both have been so upset with the way Hillary has been treated during this campaign. She is a gracious lady, and we can all learn from her. Women have never had a better role model. We women need her and America needs her.

Hillary, you just have to win this. Some I know are even asking how we can write in your name should Obama get it. Believe me, if he does, we will be trying to figure that out. Unlike paper ballots, I don't think these new electronic machines allow for that. In which case, please dive in as an Independent. I know you promised to support "whoever the nominee is", just remember, we women have the prerogative to change our minds. And I believe this would be a justifiable reason.

Stay tuned and check back. Like the old sayings, "I've just been ready to go bear hunting with a switch," about all of this.

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