Copy of A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton by Doris Newnam. Edited for privacy.


Dear Hillary,

We all love you very much and are crushed that it did not work out for you, and for us, and America. For all of our work, we know it did not remotely compare with your work, your heart, and soul that you put into your campaign. We miss you already and pray for you that God will keep His Arms around you and grant you peace, joy, love, and success in whatever you do, and wherever you go in the future.

Never has a candidate for public office ever touched our hearts and lives the way you have touched ours. The turn of events is truly America’s loss. Your vision, your agenda, your solutions, and your energy are unmatched by any other candidate. There is no one who can take your place – not in the role of President, and not in our hearts.

Hillary, I know you do not want negative feelings lingering. However, we — all 18 Million of us — voted for you because we wanted you. If we had wanted the other candidate, we would have voted for him. There are 18 million of us who helped you win the popular vote. The system, the party, the supers, and the media, are the ones who made it a point to work against you. I would feel differently about all of this if “they” - whoever they all were – had not started in on you following Iowa for you to quit. The voting still had a long ways to go, and like you insisted, the voters all had a right to their votes. The remarks about the race being overly long showed ignorance. Good grief.. What did the dumb-dumbs think when the last primary was not to be until June 3rd? Was Iowa suppose to decide the race out-come for the whole nation? I insist not. The system is very broken. Your nomination was railroaded by the very people you still give your support.

Hillary, they do not deserve you. You are a better and a bigger person than the whole lot of them. I am still so appalled, so disgusted, and so angry with all of them. I do not fully understand the difference in “suspend” and “quitting” your bid for the nomination. I hope it means there is still a chance for them to see the light. I still cling to a thread of hope that some how, some way, this horrible wrong will right itself. I no longer have respect for the party, or for the numerous endorsers who could not see what we average Americans saw. I think my husband called it pretty much on target about a lot of the men, they were just “too pig-headed” to vote for a woman. Unfortunately, I know that was a factor. And too many of “the little women” just went along. I know. I heard. I saw. I know that gender discrimination is still alive and well even more so than race. That fact is now obvious.

I am so disappointed in some of the super-delegates who could not wait for us to vote before rushing forward with their endorsements. If they wanted to vote the will of the people, they should have waited until after the votes were counted. And now it turns out, that our votes didn’t really matter. In Texas, our vote was reduced by a third. The party does not have a right to mess with my vote. I am outraged at the way the whole election process is undermining the voices of the people. We do not deserve to be treated in this manner. America is suppose to be a free country. Our votes and voices are suppose to be counted. And if they are counted fairly, YOU are our nominee of choice.

Obviously, I had not gotten so involved in the “process” before, and all of this caucus stuff came as quite a shock. It should be ruled as unconstitutional. It certainly is not fair that a few people – after the polls close, no less - can override the votes at the polls. If your rival had won fair and square, I could accept that. I can not accept what actually happened. And I will not hush while I still have breath with the ability to speak and write until that wrong is made right.

I worked a precinct in Texas. I witnessed the caucus nightmare first hand. The majority of the voters had never heard of the caucus before. I begged and pleaded to get them to go back to the caucus after the polls closed. For the ones who showed up, there was not room for all of them to enter the building. How can any one in their right mind think that all of the voters are going to come back to the polls and vote a second time. To think that the ones who do will by ratio correctly reflect the will of the first round of voters is insane. And to think… the people creating these rules are suppose to be bright and intelligent people? And worse… they end up deciding my vote?

No my anger will not cool until changes are made. I can not support something, or someone that I do not believe in. I can not support a system that operates in an unfair method toward its candidates and toward Americans in general. You earned the nomination. It was stolen from you. I know that you know that. You are just more gracious than I, and still value your position and Bill’s legacy in the party. But I do not have such ties. And if those of us who detest what has happened do not speak out, then things will continue with “business as usual“. You fought hard to be my nominee. As far as I, and the rest of the 18 million voters are concerned, you won it.

Many of us wish for you to run independently. You are still the best person for the job. People have switched parties or gone independent before. Even you those long years ago. I have no faith in the other candidate. And I no longer trust the party. They are after their own agenda, and what we the people want does not really matter to them. Their choice. But I still control my own right to disagree. And they have seen the last of my support until awesome changes are made. If they don’t care about me, why should I care about them? Like Eliza Dolittle said, “It will still rain in that blasted plain” with or without them. I can not agree or accept the notion that it does not matter who wins as long as it is a democrat. Obama is not you, nor is he Bill. He can not and will not be the President that America needs. Jimmy Carter, although a Democrat, allowed the interest rates to go up to criminal proportions. The housing market hit a crisis back then, too. We saw houses in our neighborhood escalate to two and three times their value in under three months.

There has become too much emphasis on the party, and too little emphasis on what is for the majority of the people. Certainly, the rich enjoy their big profits, the big lifestyles, and I don’t begrudge them their wealth, except when it is perpetuated off the backs of the poor and middle class. You are the only candidate who seemed to truly understand that. And the party can cry, “unity” until they turn purple, they do not deserve you, and they do not deserve me. I pray that you will take the “message of the people” to the convention in August. The people who created this mess, need to clean it up. Until they do so, they will not get my support again. And I dare they try to put the monkey on my back, and those of the 18 million voters, that we are splitting the party, and we should unify. What party? A party of a few in high positions dictating and manipulating the outcome of our votes? It all lies at their own doorstep, not mine, and certainly not yours.

Hillary, I will close my tirade for now, but I will not be silent on the issue. We will always treasure having briefly met you and keep special the memories and souvenirs. The world is a better place because you dwell in it. I wish you God Speed, and God’s Blessings in all you do.

Our Love and Devotion,
Doris and John Newnam
and Star, Elizabeth, and Teddy :-)
(Our Pomeranians.)

Yes, because you affect our lives, you affect their lives as well. The enclosed $23 is for this: $5 is for, we are 2 + 3 puppy dogs of the 18 million who voted for you. The other $18 is for 18 more of the 18 million of your voters who may not have heard about this “Thank you card campaign” for you.

Thank you sincerely, Hillary.
Doris and John

The idea of the Thank You card to Hillary is that if each of her supporters send her $1, she can pay off her (our) campaign debt, with some left over for another day.

You may send your own "Thank You" card to Hillary to:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
c/o: Friends of Hillary
4420 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

Or go to her web site:

PS. Greta Van Susteren on Fox News ask Senator McCain if he would consider picking a Democrat for his VP? He did not exactly rule it out. He acknowledged that he knew the name that would be suggested. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but I LOVE the idea! Oh, yes, both "parties" would have cats, but just think... Both parties give us lots of lip service about crossing the isle and working together. Where better to finally "work together" than starting at the TOP? Senator McCain stated that he would put America before Party. I think it is a great idea whose time has come. I don't think they is any law or constitutional statue to prevent it, only a bunch of diehards who would perhaps feel threatened of their own power positions. You want change? How about changing the constant bickering between the Parties? I would vote for a "John McCain - Hillary Clinton" ticket in a heart beat. How about you? Talk about shaking up Washington and the System.... THAT SHOULD DO IT! :-)

Obviously, the idea took on enough life to make it to Fox News, so while I admit to thinking it, apparently others have been voicing it. I just had not thought of a Republican and a Democrat on the same ticket. But why not? This whole election cycle has been crazy. Why not just blow it all away with two candidates who have the fortitude and know how to finally put America and Americans first? Their combined knowledge and experience would be unparalleled.

True, John McCain admitted early on that he did not know much about dealing with the economy, but apparently he has since made a point to tackle that issue head on. While he and Hillary are at odds regarding the war, I believe the two could work out a sensible compromise to best benefit our Troops and America, and all of the gory details brought on by war. The more I think about it, I believe the two would make a terrific team for America -- a great balance of power where it counts most. Never has any candidate addressed so many issues affecting Americans, and the World, as Hillary Clinton. I believe John McCain was "listening". That gets my attention as I still pray for a political miracle.

Interestingly enough, it appears that a comment by a Hillary supporter may very well be the case for either candidate. The comment was to the fact that Obama would need to ride in on the skirts of a woman. Well... it just may be that we women will decide which male is the best man for the job. Certainly, the best candidate was Hillary, and now those two men are going to be courting our votes. Obama will NOT get mine. And neither will any other Democrat in the near future... IF ever. I was not a party person to start with, and I am too disgusted to start now.

That's my story and opinion for now. Stay tuned. There may be more forthcoming. I am still so angry over the way Hillary was treated that I could "go bear hunt'n with a switch". If you share my feelings, make them known. I will consider linking approved sites. Comments may be edited and posted at my discretion unless you specify to not post them, if so requested, they will not be posted. I respect your privacy.
Hillary is Still My Choice
There is a site where a number of Hillary fans are expressing their displeasure on the election results. Due to the "unfiltered" language, I am not connecting the site with a live link. But you can find it if you search for PUMA.

Posted: 7/23/08

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